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Impact Report 2023

We’re so excited to share with you some key highlights from our 2023 Impact Report! Bringing to life our goals for the future of the fashion industry has been an ongoing mission for us at Princess Polly and this blog is a little snapshot of what our teams were working hard on behind the scenes last year. From our environmental and ethical sourcing initiatives to what our teams have been up to in the community; you’ll find it here. Keep reading! We’re so proud of everything we achieved in 2023, and we’re already working towards our ambitious goals for the year ahead. Thank you for being on ...

2022 Sustainability Recap

We’re dedicated to sourcing your favorite styles using lower impact materials. What does this mean exactly? Your Princess Polly wardrobe staples look and feel the same as always but are now made with materials that aren’t as resource heavy on our earth. Switching from conventional materials to their lower impact counterparts such as recycled, forest-friendly or water-based materials means we’ve kept the quality, but dialed back on the impact. Win-win!

365 Days of Doing Better: 2021 Sustainability Recap

As part of our mission to lead the fashion industry into a more sustainable future, Princess Polly smashed some serious goals in 2021 (with your help ofc). We’ve been waiting to share all the juicy deets with you and it’s time we finally can! In no particular order, here is our official 2021 recap: Audited 100% of our Factories Cool, but what does that really mean? An audit is basically a super in-depth inspection of our factory operations and policies to make sure our Code of Conduct is being upheld. This ethical audit ensures that all of our factories are providing safe, fair & resp...