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Officially enter your soft era with Soft Fit Luxe; the super sculpting fabric that will soon become your next wardrobe obsession. Our designers created this collection with versatility in mind. The latest Soft Fit Luxe styles are timeless, chic and will be the perfect addition to your capsule wardrobe. As your new destination for all-things body sculpt shapewear, you’ll find super soft tank tops that feel velvety-smooth and soft summer outfits that are just as cute as they are comfy. 

Those soft natural outfits you’ve been seeing on Pinterest? You’ll find them here! With Soft Fit Luxe, your everyday outfits will take just seconds to put together. You can mix n’ match these styles with basics you already own! Need a cute workwear outfit? Slip into a Soft Fit Luxe sculpting bodysuit and match with your go-to bottoms. With so many trends coming and going, shopping for versatile and flattering pieces that can be worn all-year-round is a no brainer. 

“Created with a velvety finish, Soft Fit Luxe adapts flawlessly to accentuate curves while giving a shapewear feel. They’ll be your new go-to when you want a classic, soft outfit” - Leigh, the Princess Polly Trend Director. On top of being super soft and super high quality, this fabric is created with a lower environmental impact. By adding Soft Fit Luxe to your wardrobe, you’re supporting our mission of making 100% of our products lower impact. Currently, with 30% of our new arrivals being created with a lower environmental impact, we’re well on our way to achieving this goal, thanks to you! 

Through summer, fall, winter and spring, these Soft Fit Luxe styles will be the chic staple you keep on reaching for. Comfortable, sculpting and ultra-luxe, these body-hugging styles are #1 on our wishlist rn! Find more soft classic outfits, and scroll through the entire collection now!

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