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What To Pack For European Summer

Euro summer calling your name? Time to get vacay-ready! June through to August is prime time for Euro trips and if you and your crew are booked and ready, the next thing on your to-do list is outfit planning. To save you some time (and stress) we’ve put together the ultimate guide on what to wear in Europe. Ready to create the perfect vacay suitcase?

Must Haves For Travelling To Europe

You’ve got limited space, so make EVERY item count. No packing the skirt you haven’t worn in 6 months because you might want to wear it out to dinner. Skip the maybes and opt for outfit essentials you know you’ll reach for. Here are a few key questions that will help you decide: Does the item match with more than one style in your suitcase? Can you see yourself wearing this item for more than one day or one occasion? Eg. dinner, sightseeing, adventuring. Is it summer-friendly? Always choose the more breathable, lightweight option. Linen is our current fave!

Tops For Europe

Versatile tops you can wear day-to-night will be a game changer when you’re rushing around Europe with a million things on your itinerary. Our styling team has chosen a few of our fave tops (find them below). We’ve only included styles that tick all of our Euro summer boxes.

Peaches Tube Top Orange
Martini Oversized Tee White
Ringa Rosey Top Multi
Field Daisies Corset Green

Dresses For Europe

Remember when we said to only pick essential pieces? It’s time to break the rules. If you’re planning some iconic moments in locations that you might never see again - go all out. That sparkly dress you’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to wear? Find a spot for it in your suitcase! Find a dress to match the vibes and make sure you get the perfect outfit pic. We LOVE seeing you wear Princess Polly pieces on vacay, make sure to tag us @princesspollyboutique on IG and @princesspolly on TikTok.

Swing Mini Dress White
Donelli Mini Dress Multi
Rosalina Sheer Maxi Dress Pink
Steward Halter Mini Dress Black

Bottoms for Europe

The best travel pants for Europe DO exist and they’re the Louis Linen Blend Pants. While we have a few faves, we just can’t get enough of these trending bottoms. They’re cute, comfy and will match perfectly with all of your summer tops. If you wear more skirts and sets in your everyday life, don’t just switch it up for the sake of a holiday. Remember, you want to be comfortable too! Maxi skirts, mini skirts and matching sets (particularly in white, black and beige) will never fail to create a cute and easy look.

Xander Set Yellow
Louis Linen Blend Pants off White
Auralia Knit Maxi Skirt Blue / Cream
Beach Day Knit Set White

Swimwear & Accessories For Europe

Can’t leave for your Euro summer trip without swimwear and accessories! If you plan to spend your days relaxing by the ocean in Greece or by the pool in Spain, you’ll be needing some super cute swimwear to get you through. Super flattering shapes, warm tones, staple ‘kinis and more can be found in our swimwear collection (inspo below!). Need to quickly take your look from cute to chic? One word: accessorise. Accessorising takes such little effort but makes SUCH a difference; leaving space in your suitcase for them is a must.

Karelle Belt Brown
Pretty Lady Earrings Silver
Kathrine High Cut Cheeky Bikini Bottom Black
Sadley High Cut Shine Bikini Bottoms Lemon

European Summer Outfits Guide

Pro tip: map out your vacay suitcase based on which locations you’re visiting. While this might sound a little extra, this will make your life so much easier. Picture this, you’ve just spent 3 days in Italy, you’re exhausted, you have an entire day scheduled for Greece and rummaging through your suitcase to find an outfit is the LAST thing you want to do. But then you remember, you have an outfit already set aside for this destination - WIN!

Greece Outfits

Deciding what to wear in Greece? Vibrant warm tones and summer prints are the vibe. Think flowy florals in warm yellow and red shades. If you have a break from partying by the pool and need something casual for your day trips, a graphic tee with fruit designs is a super cute option!

Italy Outfits

No doubt you’ll be spending some time wining and dining in Italy. For this destination, the vibe is elegant and effortless. Think long black dresses with statement gold jewellery and chic linen dresses with heels. Packing tip: pack your long dresses by rolling them up neatly; you’ll avoid creases that you would normally get from folding and save room too!

Spain Outfits

The place to indulge in the finer things. Spain-dressing is playful, fun and flirty. Think frills, florals and swimwear 24/7. You’ll likely be spending your days enjoying tapas by the bar and taking a dip in the pool in between.

South Of France Outfits

The ultimate cool girl destination. If the South of France is on your bucket list, make sure to pack something chic, effortless and easy to style. Think staple patterns (stripes are our current fave) and breathable linen dresses, like our Chosen Girl Linen Blend Midi Dress. Elevate your look with a pair of dainty heels or sandals.

Copenhagen Outfits

Copenhagen style, a vibe we know and love. Cute patterns, textures and colours, this is the time to experiment with fun looks you might not try back home! Copenhagen might be filled with a little more activities than the other destinations - bring one set of activewear with you just in case you spend a day doing lots of walking! Don’t worry, our activewear still looks super cute.

Packing Tips & Tricks

We asked our PR Representative, Gabby, to give us her best tips on packing for Euro summer (she’s a pro). Here’s what she said!

“I spent 4 weeks in Europe and there were a few things that made my life so much easier. Before I left, I bought some packing cubes, which are little compartments that go in your suitcase to separate clothes. I didn’t have to rummage through my suitcase anytime I wanted something! I also planned my outfits in advance (I use the notes app on my phone and take photos of everything so I have outfits ready to go when needed). Less is more, you don't need as much as you think you need - trust me, lugging a 25kg suitcase around Europe is not fun! Pack pieces that go with multiple outfits (things that go together, so you have double the amount of fits). Lastly, make sure to bring a comfy pair of sneakers that won't give you blisters after walking on cobblestone streets all day.”

One last tip: don’t leave it to the last minute. When you’re stressing the night before about getting to the airport on time, you’ll be grateful your suitcase is packed and ready to go. No more googling “how to pack for Europe” 24 hours before your flight! For more tips on styling travel clothes for Europe, head to IG @princesspollyboutique and and TikTok @princesspolly. The pre-planning is SO worth it, good luck!

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