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What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

Capsule wardrobes are timeless, versatile, easy, more sustainable and unique to you. But what exactly is a capsule wardrobe? What styles make up the bulk of a capsule wardrobe and how do you know if you HAVE one?! If you find yourself asking these questions, you’re in the right place. To put it simply, a capsule wardrobe is a wardrobe that you fill with styles you’ll love for a long time.

There are no rules to what does and doesn’t belong in a capsule wardrobe; that’s for you to decide! But, there are some tactics you can use to make sure you have all the outfit essentials you need to stay stylish season after season. The Princess Polly team has put together a go-to guide on how to build a capsule wardrobe so keep reading!

How To Build a Capsule Wardrobe

1. Identify Your Personal Style

Not one capsule wardrobe will look the same as another. It’s all about finding styles that YOU will wear over and over again. If you’re unsure what your personal style looks like, that’s okay! Finding your vibe is half the fun. Head to Pinterest and create a new board titled ‘MY STYLE’. Pin anything that you love here and use it as a reference.

We have loads of cute outfits on the Princess Polly Pinterest and over on IG. This is a great place to start. It’s also a good idea to find influencers that have a style you feel inspired by. Seeing how clothes look on someone that you feel represents you is empowering (and super helpful!). Scroll through our IG to find a range of influencers wearing super cute styles, you’ll find your fave in seconds.

2. Review What You Currently Have

No weekend plans? Now you do! Spend some time reviewing your wardrobe and use your reference inspo from Pinterest and IG to help out. If you find something you’re not loving anymore, it might be time to say bye. You can sell your preloved clothes online or donate to a local charity. Don’t just throw them away!

BTW, doing a wardrobe clean out can be therapeutic. It’s a great time to let go of things that you no longer feel aligned with. You wear your clothes every day; it’s okay to switch out what doesn’t make you feel your best. New wardrobe, new energy!

3. Pick Your Capsule Pieces

Find a gem that you can see yourself wearing all-year-round? That’s a sign your capsule wardrobe is coming together. Spoiler alert: creating your capsule wardrobe doesn’t mean ditching everything you have and shopping an entire wardrobe from scratch. Start looking at your existing styles from a new POV. Ask yourself, is this easy to style? Does this match with your current faves? What occasions would you wear it?

If your answer is no, no and never, it’s time for your style to have a new owner. Some easy platforms to pass on clothing are Facebook Marketplace, Depop, ThredUp and Poshmark. Or, grab your bestie and head to your local weekend markets and host a stall!

4. Create Minimal Outfits

Minimal effort, maximum vibes. The key to capsule dressing is finding looks that take seconds to style but look effortlessly put together. When you’re in a rush, getting ready for work or trying to find a last minute party look, you’ll likely reach for the easiest outfit you own. Creating a capsule wardrobe ensures that ANYTHING you grab will look 10/10. Think staple wardrobe pieces like white dresses, blazers, tailored pants, faux leather jackets and versatile accessories. Need help finding the perfect jacket for your capsule wardrobe? We've got you covered in our article Find The Perfect Jacket Here.

Staple doesn't mean boring! If there’s a bold color you love to wear, put it into your capsule wardrobe. Remember, no rules. If you stick to your reference styles and keep the versatile pieces you can wear all-year-round, your 2024 capsule wardrobe will be next level.

Benefits of A Capsule Wardrobe


Intentionally keeping and shopping capsule pieces will declutter more than just your wardrobe. No more rushing around trying to figure out what top matches with what pants, and no more getting-ready anxiety. Everything you need, you’ll already have! It’s time to challenge the belief that you need to go shopping every time you have an event.

Outfit repeating is a good thing (crazy, right?!). If you have a LBD you love, wear it every chance you get. This takes away the mental stress of organizing an outfit every weekend AND you’ll save on costs in the long run.


Clothing circularity and conscious consumption should be at the core of our everyday shopping habits. By being more intentional with what you add to your wardrobe, you’re playing your part in helping reduce the impact that the fashion industry has on the environment. We love designing clothes that are timeless and fun and we purposely created styles that are versatile, but not boring. We want your pieces to live in your wardrobe for as long as possible! To make this easier for you, we’ve created an entire Care Guide series over on TikTok.

Here, you’ll find tips and tricks to ensure your clothes are in it for the long run. Plus, we are in the process of transitioning our styles to be made with lower environmental impact materials; over 30% of our new arrivals have already been transitioned! When it comes time to say bye to your pieces, resell them online or donate to charity. Yes, your capsule wardrobe will make life easier for you, but you’re also doing good…for everyone!

Tips For Picking Your Capsule Wardrobe

Get Inspired

Inspo, inspo and MORE inspo. After collecting a bunch of wardrobe inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram or TikTok, you’ll quickly find that they all share a common theme. These recurring preferences are (drum roll please), your style! Do all of your inspo pics have neutral tones, like beiges, blacks, whites and grays? Do you naturally gravitate towards pants, over skirts? Are you sporty and find yourself liking activewear for everyday looks? Find the common theme and then use this to start choosing your capsule clothing.

Fill The Gaps

Your capsule wardrobe likely won’t be perfect on the first try (unless you're a Virgo, maybe). You’ll realize that you’re missing a staple piece for the weekend, or an everyday shoe for your errands - that’s okay! You can slowly but surely fill the gaps of your wardrobe over time.

Here’s a couple of key pieces to get you started: White Tees Black Tops (to dress up or down) Versatile Shirts Straight or Wide Leg Jeans Suit or Tailored Pants Skirt / Skorts Black Mini Dress White Dress Blazer Leather Jacket Sweater Black Bag Gold Hoops Black sunglasses

Start With One Pair Of Bottoms

Challenge yourself by picking just ONE pair of bottoms and experiment with new styling techniques. You’ll surprise yourself with how many outfits can be created with just one pair of pants. Need some help? We have loads of “one pants, 3 different looks” videos over on our TikTok.

Capsule Wardrobe Outfits

Time to put your new capsule wardrobe to the test! To help get you started, our team of pro stylists have created a few capsule outfits using timeless, easy-to-style pieces. Take inspo from these or shop them directly if you love them as much as us

Capsule Wardrobe FAQs

Should I build a capsule wardrobe from scratch?

Don’t overlook your current wardrobe! By looking at your existing styles from a new perspective, you’ll find that you actually DO have a lot of versatile pieces that can be styled for all-year-round. Before starting from scratch, do your homework and spend some time digging through your current clothing collection.

Is a capsule wardrobe boring?

A capsule wardrobe doesn’t mean basic, boring or bland. It simply means a wardrobe that YOU will love, every season, every year, for MANY years. Besides, don’t let anyone tell you your wardrobe is boring; if you like basic tees and neutral colors, you do you!

How many clothes should be in a capsule wardrobe?

There’s no perfect number and every wardrobe is different. However, we do recommend having one of each essential. For example, one pair of staple denim jeans, one pair of tailored pants, one maxi skirt, one corset, etc. BUT, you’ll find there are particular styles you reach for the most. To avoid having to wash excessively, having two pairs of your fave items is a good idea.

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